Where did I find this tasty treat?

My dear friend Katy’s grandparents have a bunch of land in New Hampshire and there are an absolute shit-ton of wild blueberries on their land.  Lucky me, this means I get my hands on them every once in a while!  I was lucky enough to find myself with a TON of blueberries and no real plan about what to do with them, besides just shoveling them down my gullet by the handful.  Thankfully I found a Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake Bar recipe on Epicurean Mom and figured that if mine could come out looking even a little like hers then they’d probably be amazing.

I got 99 problems and baking is one:

At this point the only problems I had with making these had to do with equipment.  The baking part I’ve gotten figured out…for the most part.  But I didn’t own a food processor (when I made these, thankfully that’s been resolved!), juicer and my zester, which I at least do own, sucks.

I had to borrow my boyfriend’s mom’s food processor.  (who by the way must have felt bad for my pathetic-ness because she’s the one that got me a food processor :) ) One problem solved! Now about the juicer, no bigs I just bought one of those cheapy plastic ones at the grocery store and it gets the job done. Problem two solved. Damn I am making quick progress of this!  But now on to the zester.  Did I already mention the one I own sucks?

Here’s what I’m talking about, this is my zester, and let’s be serious, I don’t own the fancy Martha Stewart one, I own a shitty one I got at Market Basket.

Now, all the Puerto Ricans reading this blog (hello…are any of you out there?) will say, “what’s up with you, my momma has one of those and it’s always gotten the job done.” Look, you are right, my mom has one too.  We actually had a little collection of these damn things and every holiday season we’d get assigned to one and forced to start grating up all the verduras to get making some pasteles…but be real, you know your hand slipped every once in a while and got all cut up. And then your mom would start yelling at you because you managed to taint a tiny amount of the 7,000 pounds of masa she was making for the billion pasteles she was about to make. OK sorry, I digress, Puerto Rican girl problems haunt me as an adult I guess…

ANYWAY, my zester kind of sucks. I use the smallest size of the 4 sided grater and it annoys me, every time I use it.  But I still can’t bring myself to get a decent zester.  I am not sure why honestly, I curse every time I use the 4-sided one.  But every time it gets the job done, eventually, and then I just say, “meh, you already have a zester, why get another one?”

Lessons learned:

  1. Blueberries in cheesecake bar form are good, but so is just eating them fresh by the handful.
  2. Food processors are AMAZING contraptions. You should buy one, or give someone pathetic puppy dog eyes until they buy one for you.
  3. Zesters, meh.

OK now a bonus for my lucky readers, are you actually out there? With this installment of Ramblings, Rants and Such…you get a free piece of advice. Ready?

You need to eat some real Puerto Rican pasteles at some point in your life.  For. Real. They are a total pain in the ass to make, but so yummy. So, go out there, get friendly with a Puerto Rican and have them invite you over around the holidays (when most people make them) or find yourself an authentic Puerto Rican restaurant and enjoy.  Feel free to thank me later.

Oh and I almost forgot, I had a TON of blueberries, I wasn’t kidding when I said that.  I also made the cake below.  Sadly I don’t remember where the recipe came from, which is sad because it was damn tasty!


4 responses to “Blueberries!

    • Yay, I love that you have a surplus of zesters. And, lucky you my mom promised to being me some pasteles when she visits!

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