Sunken Chocolate Cupcakes


Where did I find this tasty treat?

Turns out I had some extra Guinness sitting around so I decided to make this cake but in cupcake form. This cake was tasty as hell and since I had already made this recipe once I figured…no bigs…should be easy.

I got 99 problems and baking is one:

So here’s the thing, I have absolutely no idea how to fill cupcakes.  I always, ALWAYS overfill these suckers.  I swear I put less batter than I did the time before and it still turns out the same, overflowed.  So that’s what happened here. As you can see below, it was a hot mess.  Sunk right in the middle, every last one of them.  Turns out there are a few reasons why cupcakes can sink in the middle (Cupcakes Take The Cake has more info here) but I know for sure why mine sunk…I overfilled the damned things.  Check it out, sad sunken cupcakesImage

My plan, as usual with my baking was to bring these into work to share with my coworkers…but seriously these looked terrible when they came out of the oven…but…they smelled damned good.  So I cooled them a bit and decided this wasn’t a big enough problem to toss the cupcakes.

CREAM CHEESE FROSTING TO THE RESCUE! I just made sure I piled the frosting extra high in the middle and problem solved.  They looked great and tasted yummy.  What else do you need in a baked treat?

Lessons learned:

  1. When I think to myself, “that’s enough batter” it’s actually TOO MUCH BATTER!
  2. Frosting makes life better, especially cream cheese frosting.
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